Hey. This is Prattl.
Prattl lets you leave a message wherever you are. Other people can come along and see it. Or if someone else around you is using Prattl, they'd see it right away.
When you leave a message, you set a range of how far away it can be seen.
When viewing messages, you set a range of how far away you want to be able to see them.
So whats the point?
Well, you could maybe see what pictures and comments other people have left about where you are. Or if enough are using it, you could talk to the people around you in real time.
There's also a friend system and private messages and stuff, so it's sort of like Twitter with a map.
Why would you want that?
Who knows. But you might. If you do, you can download it on the App Store.
Alright thats it.
Photo: Joe Parks